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News - 26/11/06


Rhona Damant's legacy

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing away of Rhona Damant on 2nd November 2006.

Rhona, who had battled her terminal breast cancer diagnosis with incredible energy and determination, was an amazingly dedicated supporter of our work and there is no doubt that her commitment to the fundraising ball at Ickworth House was a key foundation stone in the growing success of our organisation this past year. Rhona was one of our first 'public' supporters, prepared to take our work and our message out to the general public and enabled our work to develop through the funds raised from her Forget-Me-Not Ball at Ickworth. Breast Cancer UK and No More Breast Cancer campaign will always be indebted to Rhona for this.

We will miss her and we send our deepest condolences to her family - her husband David, daughter Francesca and son Kristopher - and to her dearest and best friend with whom she shared a lifetime friendship, Laini White. She was an incredible, beautiful woman whose memory will live on in a myriad of different ways.


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